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Balloon Machine 

Secret Meeting

GoldFlakePaint (online)

GoldFlakePaint (print)

Issue I
  • Feature: ‘A Porous Kind of Love: Kathryn Joseph’s From When I Wake The Want Is
  • Essay: ‘Ambient Confections: The Curious Art of Mixtapes and Playlists’

Issue II
  • Review: Grouper’s Grid of Points
  • Review: Adrienne Lenker, abysskiss
  • Feature: ‘Quality Utopias: An Interview with Free Love’

Issue III
  • Review: Hand Habits, placeholder
  • Essay: Aseasonality: Listening to Music as We Lose the Seasons
  • Feature: Tender Matters: An Interview with Weyes Blood
  • Essay: Mirror on Mirror: Addressing the Unknown in Big Thief’s U.F.O.F

Issue IV
  • Review: Frog, Count Bateman
  • Review: black midi, Schlagenheim

Issue V
  • Review: deep tan, Shimmer
  • Review: Grace Cummings, Refuge Cove
  • Review: Maija Sophia, bath time
  • Essay: Rewilding the Mind: Notes Towards a ‘Thick’ Listening

Issue VI
  • Feature: ‘‘Pull me up to the clouds’: Katie Dey’s mydata
  • Feature: ‘Realism Dreams at the Movies: Phoebe Bridgers’ Punisher


  • Live Review: Sunflower Bean @ Broadcast
  • Record Review: Modern Studies – Swell to Great
  • Record Review: The Pictish Trail – Future Echoes
  • Record Review: Civil Elegies – Combat
  • Live Review: Beth Orton @ Saint Lukes
  • Record Review – Star Rover – ‘Oxymorons/Liars’
  • Live Review: Wuh Oh @ The Poetry Club
  • Record Review: TeenCanteen – Say It All With A Kiss
  • Record Review: Savage Mansion – ‘Everyone to the Savage Mansion’
  • Live Review: Indigo Velvet @ The Hug and Pint
  • Live Review: Crystal Castles @ The Garage
  • Record Review: Stop the Rain – ‘Home is Where the Heart Is’
  • Record Review: Kathryn Joseph – ‘the blood / the coming’
  • Record Review: Roddy Hart & The Lonesome Fire – Swithering
  • Live Review: Palace @ King Tuts
  • Record Review: Fair Mothers – Through Them Fingers Yours And Mine
  • Record Review: Indigo Velvet – ‘Sunrise’
  • Record Review: White Baer – ‘The Tide in My Lungs’
  • Record Review: Kinbrae – Tidal Patterns
  • Record Review: Verse Metrics – ‘We’ll Be Listening Until We’re Old and Unsteady’
  • Live Review: Martha Ffion @ The Hug and Pint
  • Record Review: Ded Rabbit – ‘Figurine’
  • Record Review: Ayakara – ‘Dressed from ’67’
  • Record Review: Kid Canaveral – ‘Callous Parting Gift’
  • Live Review: Little Comets @ Saint Lukes
  • Record Review: Pronto Mama, ‘Arabesque’
  • Live Review: Pinegrove @ Stereo
  • Record Review: Sacred Paws – ‘Strike a Match’
  • Record Review: Catholic Action ‘Doing Well’
  • Live Review: Fazerdaze @ The Hug and Pint
  • Record Review: Spinning Coin – ‘Raining on Hope Street / Tin’
  • Record Review: The Phantoms – ‘Shadows’
  • Live Review: Pronto Mama @ Art School
  • Live Review: Marika Hackman @ King Tuts
  • Record Review: Lush Purr – Cuckoo Waltz
  • Live Review: West End Festival All Dayer 2017 @ Oran Mor
  • Record Review: Happy Meals – Full Ashram Devotional Ceremony, Vol. IV-V
  • Live Review: SOUNDING ~ Lomond Campbell & Modern Studies @ Stockbridge Church
  • Live Review: Phoebe Bridgers, James Hindle @ Broadcast
  • Live Review: Withered Hand @ The Glad Café
  • Live Review: Beth Orton, Blue Rose Code @ O2 ABC
  • Live Review: Fieldhead, Kinbrae @ Glad Café
  • Record Review: LYLO – Post-Era
  • Record Review: Anna Meredith – ‘Calion’