Sans Soleil

a pamphlet by Maria Sledmere and fred spoliar

Ultraviolet rose us

spilled into formless

unration of atoms

and we spend ourselves back, the day

extends pause,

folding up

in luxe ellipsis

hills and hills

of recessional cloud, cast debt

between us, rolling one-sided

to release it, all of I’m rain

cast thru fierce aureate

disquietude, to not say

hope this finds you, or

nearest the soft motif of yr hair

bright spots around the antisolar point

balayage of except champagne

never sets. In a forest image / I cannot touch you

or notify through light that drowsy reminder

we are many. Something

decorative / in the cold soak of sylvanshine

gives up its entrance, the long day

composed of such stills is lying

back from its voyage. To say

all of the land escapes / an exorbitant teardrop

a teardrop. I have these ambient hands.

I wring the leaves...


Listen to readings from our Glasgow launch at Good Press, June 2022.

A5 riso-printed pamphlets and A4 posters available from Mermaid Motel and Face Press.