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Workshops & Reading Groups:

2019 ︎

Uncreative Writing and Post-internet Poetry
Civic House Saturday School, Glasgow
On my way home
Market Gallery, Glasgow
Eco-clinic (with Tendency Towards)
Assembly Aberdeen
The Curator’s Workshop: Living Ecological
Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow
The Ecopoetic Imagination (with The Nature Library)
Project Café, Glasgow

2020 ︎
Energy (W)rites: Telling the Embodied Stories of Energy Peacock Visual Arts, Aberdeen
Editing and Publication Workshop with A+E Collective
University of Glasgow
Pop Matters: virtual writing studio (with Conner Milliken) I Need to Start a Garden: Journaling the Crisis
Stay at Home Literary Fringe Festival
INTEL JINGLE: A Post-internet Poetry Workshop
Stay at Home Literary Fringe Festival
An Evening w/ Dostoyevsky Wannabe 
Stay at Home Literary Fringe Festival
Pop Matters: Sad Girl Summer Heat Edition
Scottish Graduate School of Arts & Humanities Summer School
Islands in the Stream (of Consciousness): Pop Matters Does Millport
Scottish Graduate School of Arts & Humanities Autumn Residency
SPAM Reading Event
ASP Festival
MLitt Editing and Publication: A Presentation on SPAM Press
University of Glasgow
Experimental Journaling and Memoir Workshop (with Tawnya Renelle)
Beyond Form Creative Writing
Tangled! An Ecopoetics of Threads (with Ginkgo Prize)
The Poetry School
Upcycle your SPAM: Trash Poetics and Creative Reuse (with SPAM Press) 
Stay at Home Literary Fringe Festival
INTEL JINGLE: A Post-internet Poetry Workshop (redux)  Nottingham Poetry Exchange
BioXmas Bioparty: A night of eco pecha-kucha
Online, with A+E Collective

2021 ︎
Writing Refusal, Negativity and Failure
University of Glasgow
Entanglement (with Becoming Woodland)
Woodlands Community Workspace, Glasgow
Experimental Journaling (with Tawnya Renelle)
Beyond Form Creative Writing
The Animal Salon
Post-graduate Animal Studies Symposium, University of Strathclyde
Digital Dreamland (with Kirsty Dunlop)
Stay at Home Literary Fringe Festival
(Hyper)Pop Matters: a tribute to SOPHIE (with Conner Milliken)
Stay at Home Literary Fringe Festival
Pop Matters does Indie Disco
Scottish Graduate School of Arts & Humanities Autumn Residency  
Ecopoetry Workshop at Being Human Festiva (with Colin Herd)
Hyndland Academy, Glasgow
Dream Ecologies (with Ginkgo Prize)
The Poetry School

2022 ︎
Experimenting with Weather (with Tawnya Renelle)
Beyond Form Creative Writing
Writing the Everyday (7 week course)
Beyond Form Creative Writing
Ecopoetics and Postcapitalist Desire
Glasgow Goes Green Festival 
Civic Anthotypes: Archives, light, organic process
Civic House Open Day, Glasgow
Dreaming the City
& Urban Arcadia: Mythologies of the Mall

University of Glasgow Summer School
Glitching the Poem (with Kirsty Dunlop)
Glasgow Zine Festival

Impossible Writing Masterclass
Something scattered: a workshop for archipelagic thinking
SGSAH Wellbeing Residency

Epistolary Experiments (4 week course)
Beyond Form Creative Writing
Pop Matters: Our Songs
Beyond Form Creative Writing
Recycling the Repository (with Karen Veitch)

University of Strathclyde

Writing the Object (with Tawnya Renelle)

Book Week Scotland, Typewronger Books

2023 ︎  
Somnolent Cartographies
with A+E Collective, Kevin Leomo and Dear Green Bothy

Digital and Print Editing and Publication Workshop
with SPAM Press at University of Glasgow

Making Woundscape
with the University of Strathclyde and Alasdair Gray Archive

Poetics of Cringe 
with SPAM Press and the Edwin Morgan Trust

Book Group: The Mushroom at the End of the World
Advanced Research Centre at the University of Glasgow 

Book Group: Thus Spoke the Plant
Advanced Research Centre at the University of Glasgow

24/7: Poetry and the Everyday


Systems Radio: rice the water
Clyde Built Radio: The Palace of Humming Trees
Clyde Built Radio: With the Boys
URL Sonata
The Interpreter’s House


Existential Stationary: 42 Mad Men Haiku
lana del rey playing at a stripclub
nature sounds without nature sounds
Rainbow Arcadia
Pure Sound
Monte Carlo 1 
with A+E Collective
the weird folds: everyday poems from the anthropocene
edited with Rhian Williams
neutral milky halo
Miss Anthropocene
Sonnets for Hooch: Lemon Bloom Season
with Mau Baiocco and Kyle Lovell
Soft Friction
with Kirsty Dunlop
Sonnets for Hooch: Summertime Social
with Mau Baiocco and Kyle Lovell
The Luna Erratum
Leave Bambi Alone
String Feeling
Sans Soleil
with fred spoliar

Cherry Nightshade
Visions & Feed
The Last Song: Words for Frightened Rabbit

edited with Aaron Kent 
Cocoa and Nothing 
with Colin Herd
Woundscape (forthcoming)
An Aura of Plasma Around the Sun (forthcoming)
Cinders (forthcoming)


‘Having your lyric cake and eating it’: in conversation with Tom White for Fruit Journal
Tim Murphy reviews Visions & Feed for The Friday Poem
Alice Brewer reviews Cocoa and Nothing for The Arts Desk
Visions & Feed selected by Rebecca Tamás in The Guardian’s monthly poetry roundup, December 2022

the weird folds: everyday poems from the anthropocene is selected by Will Rene as a special staff eco-pick for National Poetry Day 2022
‘Foam theory’ selected for Best Scottish Poetry 2021 by Hugh Mcmillan for the Scottish Poetry Library

Lillian Salvatore reviews The Luna Erratum (Glasgow University Magazine)
Poetry review: Maria Sledmere – The Luna Erratum by Holly Fleming (Snack mag)
‘Meet A+E Collective, a multidisciplinary group of young Glasgow-based creatives working for a better future’ (It’s Nice That)
A+E Collective on Engaging Creatively with Climate Crisis, in SCAN
‘Hybrid Flotsam’ – Shehzar Doja reviews neutral milky halo in Gutter issue 24
Briony Hughes selects neutral milky halo as a pamphlet highlight of the year for Osmosis
the weird folds mentioned in nicodemus nicoludis’ ‘From “Rock into Bread”: A Taxonomy of Today’s Ecopoetry’ in The Poetry Project Newsletter
the weird folds mentioned on BBC Radio 3 ‘Eco-Criticism’ programme
Charlotte Geater and Sam Solnick name nature sounds without nature sounds and infra·structure among their 2020 books of the year for The White Review
Review: Susannah Thompson on the weird folds
Review: Billy Mills on neutral milky halo
Review: Isabelle Thompson on neutral milky halo
Revicule: Calum Hazell on infra·structure in Erotoplasty Issue 7 part 1
Essay: ‘“rainy climes and emerald fish” / “like downloads”’ by Colin Herd
Review: Joanna Lee on nature sounds without nature sounds in The Poetry Review
Protest Poetry: UCU university strikes & creative solidarity in The Skinny
Harriet blog (The Poetry Foundation) on my review of Rachael Allen’s Kingdomland
Sam Riviere lists Lana Del Rey playing at a stripclub as one of his 2019 books of the year for The White Review
Bethany Mitchell reviews nature sounds without nature sounds for amberflora
Piece on The Absent Material Gateway in Dazed
Piece on SPAM in Dazed
Spam x Glasgow International in Glasgow Live
Nature Writing Workshop in Munich, June 2018. British Council Press Release
Colin Herd reviewing Existential Stationary in Adjacent Pineapple
‘Best of the Net 2018 Anthology’ Nomination for short story ‘Peanut Butter’, by L’Ephemere Review

Academic Teaching

University of Strathclyde (Lecturer)


Scottish Universities International Summer School (Tutor)

University of Glasgow (Tutor)

Funded Projects


Ecopoetics Workshop Series for the87press (Arts Council England National Portfolio Grant)


Brilliant Vibrating Interface: Queering the Post-Internet through Poetry and Practice (SPAM Press x Edwin Morgan Trust)
EARTH Scholarships Glasgow Cluster (SGSAH)



in the summer of fake crispy world to enter, when you talk of the voice of the mosses and bring me serial or prehistoric motions of emotional retreat to ask the psychoanalyst Lapin did you mean this headline about how the cave painters of a time before time ‘might have been “high” on oxygen deprivation’ filling the faerie-lunged air with Violence to hallucinate the everyday pleistocene, it does appeal to me like a milk tooth held upside down within Lush canopy do we eat soft food in the shelter, somebody come serve us a breadfruit an argent pudding. it is so cave to feel retreat at this prospect it is so khora to hide that thought from us, but you are close to a fresh review and plants in the dark zone will benefit from caves equipped with electric lights from other centuries. do you assimilate with hazard and how declare that caves are safe-zones against these planetary mishaps the acid rain will take a long time in multiple biomes to populate the latter half of lemur or water horsetail, special types of ferns all curled up in your ear along with the glow worm or fractal Heartache of the world you now miss is it good to be here, is it gold or lonely, kneeling in the decent peat and led by silver wolves to the croziers a vital source for invertebrates of which I am one when curled properly into this poem with its multiple rhizoids and tiredness, do you feel it the long orgasm of planetary Tiredness which is to say sigh in the rocks or sigh at twilight, how all mosses look similar until dissected is only to tell one dream of the cave from another dream of the cave — imagine all this under the microscope with chemical dyes would come up flush in purple and the pestilence of fear would be gone or will I go