in the summer of fake crispy world to enter, when you talk of the voice of the mosses and bring me serial or prehistoric motions of emotional retreat to ask the psychoanalyst Lapin did you mean this headline about how the cave painters of a time before time ‘might have been “high” on oxygen deprivation’ filling the faerie-lunged air with Violence to hallucinate the everyday pleistocene, it does appeal to me like a milk tooth held upside down within Lush canopy do we eat soft food in the shelter, somebody come serve us a breadfruit an argent pudding. it is so cave to feel retreat at this prospect it is so khora to hide that thought from us, but you are close to a fresh review and plants in the dark zone will benefit from caves equipped with electric lights from other centuries. do you assimilate with hazard and how declare that caves are safe-zones against these planetary mishaps the acid rain will take a long time in multiple biomes to populate the latter half of lemur or water horsetail, special types of ferns all curled up in your ear along with the glow worm or fractal Heartache of the world you now miss is it good to be here, is it gold or lonely, kneeling in the decent peat and led by silver wolves to the croziers a vital source for invertebrates of which I am one when curled properly into this poem with its multiple rhizoids and tiredness, do you feel it the long orgasm of planetary Tiredness which is to say sigh in the rocks or sigh at twilight, how all mosses look similar until dissected is only to tell one dream of the cave from another dream of the cave — imagine all this under the microscope with chemical dyes would come up flush in purple and the pestilence of fear would be gone or will I go




elope waste

earn waste

edit waste

early waste

expect waste

especially waste

electronic waste

eventual waste

evanesce waste

else waste

elf waste

eagle waste

enemy waste

emma waste

earth waste

eccentric waste

evil waste

eats waste

euro waste

echo waste

élan waste

eye waste

embolism waste

ebullient waste

eutherian waste

elated waste

elbow waste

entropic waste

empty waste

error waste

elder waste

energy waste

entrée waste

elbow waste

eel waste

era waste

excellent waste

ellipsis waste

exit waste

𝕹⃤ 𝖔⃤ 𝖜⃤  𝖙⃤ 𝖍⃤ 𝖆⃤ 𝖙⃤  𝖎⃤ 𝖙⃤ ’⃤ 𝖘⃤  𝕾⃤ 𝖊⃤ 𝖕⃤ 𝖙⃤ 𝖊⃤ 𝖒⃤ 𝖇⃤ 𝖊⃤ 𝖗⃤  𝖆⃤ 𝖓⃤ 𝖉⃤  𝖌⃤ 𝖊⃤ 𝖙⃤ 𝖙⃤ 𝖎⃤ 𝖓⃤ 𝖌⃤  𝖜⃤ 𝖆⃤ 𝖗⃤ 𝖒⃤  𝖆⃤ 𝖌⃤ 𝖆⃤ 𝖎⃤ 𝖓⃤  𝕴⃤ ’⃤ 𝖑⃤ 𝖑⃤  𝖘⃤ 𝖑⃤ 𝖊⃤ 𝖊⃤ 𝖕⃤  𝖔⃤ 𝖚⃤ 𝖙⃤  𝖎⃤ 𝖓⃤  𝖙⃤ 𝖍⃤ 𝖊⃤  𝖌⃤ 𝖆⃤ 𝖗⃤ 𝖉⃤ 𝖊⃤ 𝖓⃤  𝖔⃤ 𝖋⃤  𝖒⃤ 𝖞⃤  𝖉⃤ 𝖗⃤ 𝖊⃤ 𝖆⃤ 𝖒⃤ 𝖘⃤ .⃤  𝕴⃤ 𝖓⃤ 𝖍⃤ 𝖆⃤ 𝖇⃤ 𝖎⃤ 𝖙⃤ 𝖎⃤ 𝖓⃤ 𝖌⃤  𝖙⃤ 𝖍⃤ 𝖊⃤  𝖊⃤ 𝖘⃤ 𝖔⃤ 𝖙⃤ 𝖊⃤ 𝖗⃤ 𝖎⃤ 𝖈⃤  𝖘⃤ 𝖕⃤ 𝖗⃤ 𝖊⃤ 𝖊⃤  𝖔⃤ 𝖋⃤  𝖔⃤ 𝖙⃤ 𝖍⃤ 𝖊⃤ 𝖗⃤  𝕸⃤ 𝖔⃤ 𝖓⃤ 𝖉⃤ 𝖆⃤ 𝖞⃤ 𝖘⃤ .⃤  𝕸⃤ 𝖞⃤  𝖉⃤ 𝖎⃤ 𝖆⃤ 𝖗⃤ 𝖞⃤  𝖎⃤ 𝖘⃤  𝖙⃤ 𝖔⃤ 𝖙⃤ 𝖆⃤ 𝖑⃤ 𝖑⃤ 𝖞⃤  𝖔⃤ 𝖚⃤ 𝖙⃤ 𝖘⃤ 𝖎⃤ 𝖉⃤ 𝖊⃤  𝖙⃤ 𝖍⃤ 𝖊⃤  𝖕⃤ 𝖆⃤ 𝖕⃤ 𝖊⃤ 𝖗⃤ .⃤  𝕴⃤ 𝖋⃤  𝖞⃤ 𝖔⃤ 𝖚⃤  𝖜⃤ 𝖊⃤ 𝖗⃤ 𝖊⃤  𝖒⃤ 𝖔⃤ 𝖗⃤ 𝖊⃤  𝖔⃤ 𝖋⃤  𝖆⃤  𝖒⃤ 𝖔⃤ 𝖔⃤ 𝖓⃤  𝕴⃤ ’⃤ 𝖉⃤  𝖍⃤ 𝖔⃤ 𝖑⃤ 𝖉⃤  𝖞⃤ 𝖔⃤ 𝖚⃤ .⃤  𝕿⃤ 𝖍⃤ 𝖎⃤ 𝖘⃤  𝖈⃤ 𝖔⃤ 𝖋⃤ 𝖋⃤ 𝖊⃤ 𝖊⃤  𝖎⃤ 𝖘⃤  𝖘⃤ 𝖙⃤ 𝖗⃤ 𝖔⃤ 𝖓⃤ 𝖌⃤  𝖆⃤ 𝖓⃤ 𝖉⃤  𝖇⃤ 𝖚⃤ 𝖗⃤ 𝖓⃤ 𝖊⃤ 𝖉⃤ .⃤  𝕴⃤ 𝖙⃤ ’⃤ 𝖘⃤  𝖊⃤ 𝖎⃤ 𝖌⃤ 𝖍⃤ 𝖙⃤  𝖎⃤ 𝖓⃤  𝖙⃤ 𝖍⃤ 𝖊⃤  𝖒⃤ 𝖔⃤ 𝖗⃤ 𝖓⃤ 𝖎⃤ 𝖓⃤ 𝖌⃤  𝖆⃤ 𝖓⃤ 𝖉⃤  𝖆⃤ 𝖑⃤ 𝖗⃤ 𝖊⃤ 𝖆⃤ 𝖉⃤ 𝖞⃤  𝕴⃤ ’⃤ 𝖒⃤  𝖇⃤ 𝖊⃤ 𝖍⃤ 𝖎⃤ 𝖓⃤ 𝖉⃤  𝖙⃤ 𝖍⃤ 𝖊⃤  𝖘⃤ 𝖈⃤ 𝖍⃤ 𝖊⃤ 𝖉⃤ 𝖚⃤ 𝖑⃤ 𝖊⃤  𝖔⃤ 𝖋⃤  𝖞⃤ 𝖔⃤ 𝖚⃤ 𝖗⃤  𝖊⃤ 𝖞⃤ 𝖊⃤ 𝖘⃤ ,⃤  𝖙⃤ 𝖍⃤ 𝖊⃤  𝖘⃤ 𝖚⃤ 𝖓⃤  𝖈⃤ 𝖔⃤ 𝖒⃤ 𝖎⃤ 𝖓⃤ 𝖌⃤  𝖚⃤ 𝖕⃤ ,⃤  𝖆⃤  𝖘⃤ 𝖒⃤ 𝖎⃤ 𝖑⃤ 𝖊⃤  𝖇⃤ 𝖊⃤ 𝖍⃤ 𝖎⃤ 𝖓⃤ 𝖉⃤  𝖞⃤ 𝖔⃤ 𝖚⃤ 𝖗⃤  𝖊⃤ 𝖞⃤ 𝖊⃤ 𝖘⃤ .⃤  𝕰⃤ 𝖒⃤ 𝖆⃤ 𝖎⃤ 𝖑⃤  𝖊⃤ 𝖘⃤ 𝖔⃤ 𝖙⃤ 𝖊⃤ 𝖗⃤ 𝖎⃤ 𝖈⃤ 𝖆⃤  𝖑⃤ 𝖎⃤ 𝖐⃤ 𝖊⃤  𝖍⃤ 𝖆⃤ 𝖛⃤ 𝖎⃤ 𝖓⃤ 𝖌⃤  𝖆⃤  𝖈⃤ 𝖍⃤ 𝖎⃤ 𝖑⃤ 𝖉⃤ ,⃤  𝖈⃤ 𝖆⃤ 𝖗⃤ 𝖎⃤ 𝖓⃤ 𝖌⃤  𝖘⃤ 𝖔⃤  𝖒⃤ 𝖚⃤ 𝖈⃤ 𝖍⃤  𝖋⃤ 𝖔⃤ 𝖗⃤  𝖙⃤ 𝖍⃤ 𝖊⃤  𝖔⃤ 𝖉⃤ 𝖉⃤ 𝖑⃤ 𝖞⃤  𝖘⃤ 𝖍⃤ 𝖆⃤ 𝖕⃤ 𝖊⃤ 𝖉⃤  𝖉⃤ 𝖊⃤ 𝖊⃤ 𝖗⃤ .⃤  𝕲⃤ 𝖊⃤ 𝖙⃤ 𝖙⃤ 𝖎⃤ 𝖓⃤ 𝖌⃤  𝖆⃤ 𝖓⃤ 𝖌⃤ 𝖗⃤ 𝖞⃤  𝖆⃤ 𝖘⃤  𝖆⃤  𝖋⃤ 𝖑⃤ 𝖔⃤ 𝖗⃤ 𝖎⃤ 𝖈⃤ 𝖎⃤ 𝖉⃤ 𝖊⃤ .⃤  𝖄⃤ 𝖔⃤ 𝖚⃤ 𝖗⃤  𝖊⃤ 𝖞⃤ 𝖊⃤ 𝖘⃤ ,⃤  𝖞⃤ 𝖔⃤ 𝖚⃤ 𝖗⃤  𝖊⃤ 𝖞⃤ 𝖊⃤ 𝖘⃤ ,⃤  𝖞⃤ 𝖔⃤ 𝖚⃤ 𝖗⃤  𝖊⃤ 𝖞⃤ 𝖊⃤ 𝖘⃤ .⃤